När jag skypear med dig

Till Jessica- ifall du undrar vad som händer i Sverige när vi pratar 

Jag har inte Photoshop på min nya dator så det blir gamla hedeliga paint

Postat av: KERRY!!!!!!!!

Jag älskar dig this has nothing to do with your blog but its nice!! i like your photos there beautiful!!! you should post something about new zealand the best contry in the world! your the best camilla!! i wish we could go back to the snob and dress up again and have fun cause i miss you!! i wish you could be here with me in norway! my wee swede!! puss puss

2010-10-19 @ 19:07:31
Postat av: JESSICA

Fan vad snygg du är!!!!!!!! Helt galet!!!

2010-10-19 @ 19:21:36
Postat av: KERRY!!!!!!!!

http://kerrybower.blogspot.com/ just for you beautiful :)

2010-10-19 @ 19:38:14

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